Ukraine is my Motherland

The adequate social, legal, cultural, political, economical, public and moral growth of the people in Ukraine is prerequisite for promoting the development of Ukraine.

The people of Ukraine are the citizens of Ukraine of all nationalities, Ukrainians living abroad, for whom Ukraine is the sovereign state, who are ready to support its territorial integrity, who are ready to devote their reasonable share in time and intellects in the development of Ukraine, and who strive for equal law enforcement and equality before the law in the country.

Thus, the rule of law is the necessary end state for us, which refers to an end state in which everyone are held accountable to the law, in which laws are enforced equitably. This is an end state in which the state secures the civil rights and freedoms of man and citizen.

At the same time, it should be noted that apart of rights and freedoms of man and citizen, there are duties of man and citizen before the society and state. The balance between the interests of society and an individual, the balance between the obligations of a state before its citizens and citizenship responsibilities will secure system improvements which are demanded for the state.

All-Ukrainian Non-Governmental Organization OSNOVA 
(hereinafter OSNOVA)

OSNOVA was founded in 2007 and further officially registered in 2008 by the group of like-minded persons by their own efforts without any external support of political, public, governmental or business institutions.

From a non-governmental organization to the civil society

OSNOVA considers that the growth of activity of non-governmental organizations will facilitate the process of development of the civil society. We are not the political party and do not have any intention to become the political party, although the activity of our organization is closely related to the social and political processes of the state development as we, certainly, understand that it is impossible to be not involved in such processes.

In our opinion the system improvements in the state will occur when the changes in the society will take place, when the civil society will start to develop as the civil society will stimulate the reform. The changes may occur when the civil society capacity will be developed, when reforms will be stimulated on all levels, when there will be the willingness to foster global processes of development of unitary, independent state, improvement of the rule of law in the state, to promote reforms, to foster combating corruption in all governmental institutions, to promote supervising the activity of governmental institutions by the public, as well as to foster the improvements in our everyday life like accurate parking, comfortable public transport, clear streets, public recreation areas, properly repaired roads etc.

These are not just the issues relating to functioning the rule of law system, but also the issue relating to the general level of culture of the society.

The interests of OSNOVA are the interests of its members

The members of our organizations are and may be those who are not indifferent to the course which Ukraine follows, and those who are socially active and participate in political processes, as well as those who are just deciding on their attitude to the development of the country, who initially wish to understand for themselves the processes which lead to the development of the civil society, as well as to support the civil society development and our non-governmental organization, but who are not active actors for now.

The activity of our organization is focused both on the civil society development and functioning the rule of law system, and securing the rights and interests of the members of organization.

Members of organization benefit from the support in solving emerging legal issues of everyday life and individual problems, in applying to the governmental or municipal authorities with requests or grievances, or representation of the interests of the member of the organization before respective institutions.

OSNOVA functions as the platform for execution of projects of the members of the organization.

OSNOVA supports both the individual projects of its members which are designed for the personal development, and also encourages its members to take active part in activities related to the state development, including participation into the public councils under the governmental bodies.

The executive bodies of the organization are the Board of Organization and the Head of the organization which are elected by the members of the organization on the general meeting.

The supervising body of the organization is the Appeal and Audit Chamber of the organization, the Head and the members of which are elected by the members of the organization on the general meeting.

OSNOVA is active on the territory of Ukraine and may accept members from those regions of Ukraine in which the organization does not have its offices yet as well.

All the activities in the organization are performed as volunteering without pay.

We follow the principle of individual and legal responsibility for any work performed in the organization. These are the principles which we wish any governmental and municipal authorities would follow.

The opinion of each member of the organization is important for OSNOVA

In our organization we strive to observe those values and principles which we promote and which we would like to implement into our society and state.

The organization is supported by membership fees and additionally by donations which can be made by members of organization and by other persons. Payment of the monthly membership fee is compulsory for each member as for the time being the membership fees constitute the main funds of the organization.

Please read our blog and following us in social networks for further communication. Write us and we will be happy to get acquainted with you and provide responses to your questions.

Our blog: osnova.blogspot.com 
Official web-site: www.osnova-ua.org 
e-mail: info@osnova-ua.org 
postal address: P.O. Box 292, Kyiv-1, 01001 AUNGO “OSNOVA”

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Let’s remember that changes will be possible when we are interested in securing equity and order.